Top 6 errors when betting on football

In this article we look at the 6 most common mistakes people make when punters betting on football. Unfortunately it is not just a problem for bettors beginners, but also bettors who already have something behind. To become successful punters, you must eliminate these errors.

1) Underestimate the home court advantage

Home field advantage when betting on football very important factor. Most bettors are not able to accurately calculate the benefit, since in each league (and actually even each team) is different. We can not tell you how many fans will come to encourage his team, but we advise you to this factor beware – support of the fans is often compared to the twelfth player on the pitch. Generally speaking, the home court advantage less than ½ goals, but more than ¼ of the net. Obviously play a role, and statistics – if the team the last few home games lost, the advantage will be logically lower.

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2) Take into account the ancient (up literally ancient) results

Naturally, statistics are an important part of betting. The team that year begins several outdoor wins, will have great self-confidence of other matches and so on. The problem is that the vast majority of bettors taking into account too distant results. The account can be taken about the last 15 matches. You can not understand the results from the past, or even before last year.

3) Improper use head to head statistics

Head to head (or H2H) statistics are the results of the recent mutual matches of any two teams. Love is especially starting punters. But mostly H2H statistics attach too much importance and do not realize that the last matches of the teams affected by many factors. Factors that since have changed … and most likely also changed.

Teams are constantly evolving, getting into new situations, changing strategy, facing great pressure of various media and so on. Minor Exceptions H2H team statistics, among which there is a great rivalry (eg. Manchester City and Manchester United).

4) Are you trying to make up losses

This psychological phenomenon is one of the most common causes of losses. Our instincts lead us to the fact that we were trying to catch up as soon as possible, however if you want to planting to achieve success, you must resist the lure.

If you work out several tickets, you will not be disturbed, ideally. You should wait and betting go back to the moment when you will have 100% clear head and you act completely rationally. Otherwise you will achieve just that your negative series even more stretched. More information on this topic, see the article Psychology betting – Coming up losses.

5) Are you trying to justify poor results of certain teams

Losses often leads tendency to justify a poor record of good teams and bad teams good results. For example, if a team from the lower floors of the table wins, say, four matches in a row, in the fifth match against him, he will bet the whole army bookies. This will be done at all costs to seek the reasons why the team had luck. Of course, it is possible that the team in several matches in a row luck, but if you want to bet against him, you should find out about it as much information and consider the possibility that his performance rises and it has nothing to do with luck.

The same applies vice versa – if strong team loses a few games in a row, it may be just a bad luck. But it can also be the cause of the decline form a team, a factor which may take some time.

You should never try to justify the results. Focus purely on rational factors and information. Only then can we make the best possible decisions sportsbook.

6) Not to each critical

One of the keys to success in sports betting is self-criticism. Each bettor needs it … and they need a large portion of her. You have to be yourself upset when you bet on some markets that offer good value. You have to be yourself upset when you bet without a thorough pre-game analysis …. or when you bet after an analysis in which repeat the mistake that you had in the past he has prepared for profit.

Most bettors unfortunately has a tendency to throw the blame on luck and other outside factors. They are not willing to find fault with them. But this is the way to hell, because your mistakes you have to realize and then learn from them. That way you can work on themselves and increase their success. Detective Keeping a journal will help bookies.